The APCB welcomes applications for prostate biospecimens and associated clinical data from all researchers.

The ACPB has a Tissue Access Policy which was developed under the NHMRC guidelines. The Tissue Access Policy along with the Letters of Intent (LOI; depending on tissue type), the Application Form and the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) can all be downloaded from the links below.

In the first instance a LOI can be filled out and submitted to the APCB Project Manager which will help determine whether the tissue requirements of the applicant can be fulfilled by the APCB.

A full Application Form submission is then required for review by the Tissue Access Committee (TAC).

An MTA is required. The tissue application form will have enough information to complete the fields within the MTA which is completed by Queensland University of Technology on behalf of the collaborating partners.

Cost Recovery Schedule

A cost recovery schedule is in place for the APCB and is as follows:

Fresh tissue $220 for 20 microns per patient (4-5 slides)
Paraffin sections $10 per section
Buffy coat $35 for 0.2mL aliquot per patient
Serum and Plasma $35 for 0.5mL aliquot per patient
TMAs $150 per section (approx.)

Please note that additional histopathology costs may be passed on over and above the costs quoted above. The current rate is $350 per hour.

These prices will remain in place until the end of 2013 (indexed to CPI) and as such provide an accurate costing that can be included in budgets for the current round of grant applications.

A firm quote can be provided by the Project Manager before tissue samples are distributed.

All researchers are encouraged to contact the Project Manager to discuss your application before submitting an application.


You can access copies of the following documents via the link provided below, or by email from the Project Manager.

Letters of Intent (LOI)